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Sometimes I wonder how my life would be, hadn’t I agreed to start the biggest journey of my life.

My name is Emilia Franziska Zohmann and I am 18 years old. Nobody really calls me Emilia besides my mother when she’s angry, people just call me Emi. I now live in Catawba which, in my opinion, is boring, way too small with only 426 people living there, and has nothing exciting to offer besides the fact that the police station turned into a CBD store.

I was born and raised in a country called Austria. I am pretty sure my audience either has no clue where that is on a map, think I am talking about Australia or didn’t even know it exists. Well it does and it’s a pretty cool country to be honest. Our capital city Vienna is, to me, the most beautiful and most interesting city in this world. Growing up in Austria is really different than growing up in the US with one of the biggest differences being the age 16. That is because you can legally go to bars and clubs, smoke, vote and drink alcohol with the age of 16, therefore you can probably imagine how different the life of teenagers here is compared to Austrian teenagers. No wonder I’m bored in Catawba.

Austria might be awesome, but it isn’t really as famous as it should be in my opinion. Since it basically started and was heavily involved in two World Wars and Hitler was born and raised in that country I would have expected more people to know about it. We are absolutely not proud that Hitler is Austrian by the way and yes, we learn all about the Holocaust in Europe, it’s just a myth that we don’t.

So let me tell you why I am here. Two years ago on July 8th, 2017, my mother, stepfather and I moved to North Carolina because of my stepfather’s job. We took everything with us (even our two dogs, a cat and a horse), bought a house and got our Green-card. My biological father still lives in Austria, whom I visit every summer. This gives me the perfect opportunity to travel every year. This year I went to Florida, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and of course Austria. I love traveling and getting to know new cultures. Traveling is sort of my therapy and to me it is very important to be as tolerant as possible and to be able to understand other people and their cultures.

If I had to describe me in three words I would choose goofy, kind and adventurous. I love having a good time, going on crazy adventures, laughing out loud and making people laugh out loud, helping people and simply being surrounded by good vibes.

Throughout my life I was involved in a lot of sports like gymnastics, handball, race skiing, vaulting, softball, and much more. When I moved here I tried playing softball in High School my junior year at Bandys but absolutely didn’t like it, so in my senior year I focused on work.

I love animals and own quite a few myself. I have three horses, three dogs and three cats here in America and have a dog and a cat in Austria. Both of my biological parents are veterinarians, so when I grew up we would take in so many rescue animals, we seemed to own a shelter. After my parents got a divorce my mother studied again, this time to become a History and German teacher, which she now is at Statesville High.

In my free time here in Catawba I don’t really do much, though I did a lot of things in my free time in Austria. I loved walking over to my friends’ houses and hangout, walk by the lake, long boarding, go to bars, go to clubs and dance all night, go hiking, ride around the city with my moped or bicycle, and much more the city life has to offer.

Though I really like it here, there is a big part of me who will always crave to go back to my country and I already am so excited to see all my family and friends again next summer.

I hope that my first blog entry tells you more about me and gives you a better understanding of where I come from.

Shows Vienna

Ski practice on the Stubai Glacier
My horse TexasSky and me

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