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Five months and thirty-five classes later, my first college English class, ENG 111, has come to an end. During that time, I have learned a lot of things that have helped me become a better writer every day. The days we dedicated to playing scrabble, also known among us students as “Wordplay Days”, not only helped me with learning new vocabulary, but also helped improve the vocabulary I already know. Fun-fact I have never played the game scrabble before I started English class with Dr. Lucas. Ever since then I make my family and friends play it with me constantly. My most significant work during the semester was a literacy narrative. In which I told the story of how I learned to write my name. Clara, A Mentor, Teacher and Sister, offers a thoughtful and engaging look on the vital role that Clara, my sister, played and continues to play in my life. This is one of my first writings which I especially focused on sensory details and have learned how to create an exceptional essay. After passing our graded essays back, Dr. Lucas always encouraged us to present our piece of writing which we had posted on our own personal blogs. The presentations of the student’s blogs did not only bring life into our eight-a.m. class and were therefore highly appreciated, but also gave us students healthy examples we could compare each other too. Most reading assignments were instructing to read a chapter or two from the book Educated written by Tara WestoverReading only one to two chapters at a time made me actually want to finish the entire book, although I have never finished a book written in English. Educated was relatively easy to follow. The Westover’s story and the sensory details truly kept you intrigued throughout the book sometimes even making me read three to five chapters at a time. There are plenty of strengths and weakness in English and Writing which are compelling and are common in the real world. Whether those strengths or weaknesses include grammar, composition, punctation, or spelling. These subjects require improvement overtime and are a learning process. The more I wrote in my journal, the easier it got.

English and Writing are excessively used every day, through school and college. Both subjects are necessities to pass.  Gradually involving will help the student find sentence errors, using different sources, and most importantly how to write a good essay. As Tara’s older brother said: “Now you try!” (Westover 105), just write and see where your mind can take you. 

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  1. Emi, your reflective essay offers a thoughtful look back at your work in English 111, in particular composing your literacy narrative about Clara, playing Scrabble, and reading Educated. Crafting a title that offers a window into your reflection, organizing your essay into paragraphs, and correcting errors of punctuation and style would strengthen it. I hope that you will consider submitting your literacy narrative and/or your textual analysis to Sanctuary, CVCC’s literary magazine. I have enjoyed working with you in English 111, and I hope that you will maintain your blog after the semester’s end and continue to look for other ways for your writing to have a life outside of the classroom.


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